I’m Juan Lao, almost a computer engineer. I have dedicated the last 5 years of this life studying boxes that emit lights and sounds at FIB (Barcelona School of Informatics), UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) while working on WIRIS, a mathematical software company located in Barcelona.

This blog is a daily log about the projects I carry out. There isn’t any special subject, here you will find posts about biology, economy, programming, music theory, Larry David, photography and cooking among others.

Enjoy and share! Or enjoy and not share! Or share and not enjoy! In fact, do whatever you want, I don’t care!

Oh, yes: feel free to contact me through this form:


The author of this blog is not leaking any confidential information. All the information published in this blog is public and accessible to anybody. This information is published here purely for educational purposes. There is no lucrative purpose in any way.

The information contained in this blog must not be used for criminal purposes. The author of this blog is not responsible for any criminal action or damages commited using this information.


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